Thursday, October 26, 2006

In-active Blogs

Do you know what I hate?

Hi all,

Firstly, I apologise for my inactivity here and thanks for every one's comments on this. And to those like ariadneK, Ph.D. and El Charolastra and the many others who have contacted me privately, I'm so sorry if I appear in active but I don't like frivolous posting. Please don't despair, I'm doing some research for my next post. It involves how a number of people who worked in the same office died, one by one and many other co-workers have been struck down by a serious medical condition and it would seem nothing much has been done about this. Yes, some investigations were carried out by the relevant authorities but these have resulted in no real conclusions or outcomes! Are they a whitewash? It's all very interesting to me, really it is and I'm going to stick my neck out and will invite you for your opinions about this very perplexing and horrible situation. Hope to be back soon.