Friday, September 01, 2006

Sheriff's clamp on dodgers

On June 18, I posted about the Denver Boot. Coincidently on that same day tough new wheel-clamping laws came into force in Victoria on 18th August, and so now Sheriff's officers patrol car parks across the state on the look out for drivers with unpaid fines for traffic offences, parking tickets, public transport fare evasion and other offences. Officers now carry Eftpos machines so fine dodgers can pay their dues on the spot.

Fine dodgers were given warnings over the last month that their cars would be clamped if they did not pay up. The Government sees wheel clamping as one way to get the money owed. Sheriff's officers are now able to check if a driver has unpaid fines through registration details and the new laws give officers the power to keep wheel clamps on cars until fines are paid. Furthermore, defaulters also face driver's licence and motor vehicle registration suspension, payments deducted directly from your wages and even sale of property.

Does this happen in your part of the world?