Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Your Time Has Expired

Do you know what I really, really hate? Parking meters! I just hate them and I know it's only a lousy couple of bucks but I hate having to feed them. However, what really ruffles my feathers something out of the ordinary and makes me so angry is when I drive into town, park the car rush into a store or to some appointment, rush out to get back to the car and I see RED, that TIME EXCPIRED message across the meter. "Gotya." Arghhhhhh!!!!

But then what really makes me grrrrrr is what I fear most, that dreaded parking infringement notice stuck onto the windscreen. "Make My Day!" I curse. I mean every now and then you just can't help it when you're a few minutes late but sure enough those darn parking officers will be near your meter when it expires!!! Arghhhhhh!!!!!

What all cities should do is introduce what they did on the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia. There, good Samaritan meter maids patrol the streets and feed expired parking meters to save mere mortal and hapless shoppers a potential parking fine. So, rather than come out and explode at the site of a parking fine stuck on your windscreen, you see a good samaritan Meter Maid feeding your parking meter.

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